Разработчик: Games Garden

Статус: Бета

Описание: Android Hyper-Casual in abstract setting

Twist-A-Round is a story of a little ball, who just wanted to roll. But the evil Red Cube order tries to stop him! Fight for your freedom, little ball! Be fast, and avoid cubes! Be smart, and find a way to smash them into pieces!

Control the spinning ball, tapping to change direction.
Avoid red cubes, and try to collect green and yellow spheres.
You can predict cubes and spheres moving direction looking at white stripes on it.

Collect laps to get in a Rush mode — when you in a rush, no one can stop you! You can break cubes!

О команде

I am a single game developer - programmer with 3D/VFX/architectural background, who wanted to create games from childhood. Unity allows me to do that in my spare time.